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Volunteering is a fortune. Greatness.

Volunteering means being close to God, or, in a word, the absolute meaning of life.

The activities of Kalabhairava Guru Sansthan Math serve as a developing model for revival in terms of human life significance and social well-being around the world. With the support of more than 2 million volunteers worldwide, the Foundation has launched number of spiritual social projects, most notably Happy Life, Mantra Teaching, Matru Pitru Puja Educational Institutions and Mobile Food Charity Service.

Kalabhairava Guru Sansthan Math is almost entirely voluntary. Every action and activity of Mutt objectives takes place on a voluntary basis. Inner Energy (Kalabhairava Kriya) and Kalabhairava Guru inspired and deeply transformed Kalabhairava volunteers with their own experience try to inspire and nurture this opportunity in each person, helping them to realize the ultimate potential within.

Interested in volunteering?

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